Gender picking

Once you've entered the game, you'll have to go through a tutorial. You'll be asked to pick a gender: Gnome for male or Gnomette for female. Afterwards, you'll name your character.

Step 1Edit

Step 1 - Build

Start a Town

After you've completely hammered the Gnome Home, collect the shinies.

Step 2Edit

Step 2 - Market

The Market

Go to Decoration in the Market and buy a White Flower Pot. Place the White Flower Pot somewhere. Collect the shinies.

Step 3Edit

Step 3 - Trapped

A critter is trapped inside a cage

Wise Old Gnome will direct you to a cage. The cage contains a trapped critter that you must free. Click on the cage. Botkin the Bunny is freed and the tutorial is finished.

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