Quest Jolly Elf
Strangers in a Gnome Town
Ask the two strangers who they are.
Talk to the Jolly Elf
Talk to the Skinny Elf
Q-Gingerbread Mansion
Place Gingerbread Mansion Foundation


Click first on the Jolly Elf, then on the Skinny Elf to speak to them.

Sammy, the Jolly Elf will say:

Why hello! My name is Sammy and my friend here is Tad. We are part of the Emergency Fabrication Unit. We were sent here because there is no structure here suitable for a visit from Santa.

Tad, the Skinny Elf will say:

What my associate fails to mention is that in our haste, we lost most of the supplies for your gingerbread house. We still have the gingerbread, which I've put in your inventory. Why don't you place it in your town?

As soon as you click on Tad, he will drop a Gingerbread Mansion item, which will go into your Inventory.

Current Quest

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