Store and Place is a method of exploiting the way the game works, to cut down expenditure of Silver Coins. It works in almost any quest that asks you to place decorations. Instead of buying a large number of decorations that you may not want, you can usually just buy one of each decoration, and then repeatedly store and place that one decoration to complete a part of the quest.


If, for example, a quest required that you 'Place Ten Barrels', one Barrel costs 125 Silver Coins, so buying 10 of them would obviously cost 1,250 coins. It is possible to save 1,125 coins by purchasing just one Barrel from the Market.

Once you have placed your one Barrel, immediately unplace it and store it in your Inventory. You can now place the Barrel again, this time from your Inventory (not the Market), and it will count towards your quest total.

Repeat the above procedure another 8 times, and the 'Place Ten Barrels' part of the quest will be complete.


The Store and Place method is usually slower than just buying from the Market, and requires more work from the player. That extra work is rewarded with the preservation of your Silver Coins.

Also, as you are not placing multiple decorations in your town, you will also lose out in Journey, Brawl or Party points for Gnomespeditions.

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