Old Statue

Statue of the Gnome King


This Statue was built when the Gnome King ruled from his capital, and was at the centre of the old Gnome City. Since the Evil Gnome took over the forest, the statue was lost, hidden by the encroaching forest.


The statue is hidden in the Enchanted Forest, and covered in grime. It is uncovered in the quest, King of the Gnomes.

When the statue has been cleaned, a little more information about it is provided:

Statue Discovery
This statue was built when the Gnome King ruled from his capital. He left the city when the Evil Gnome came. Since then the forest has reclaimed the city.


  • In the game, players must clean the statue to learn about the Gnome King in the quest: King of the Gnomes.
  • It cannot be removed or modified.

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