Icon Q Haunted Fun House
Spellbooking It
Help Chipper attach the spellbook to the house. We'll also need some Jack O'Lanterns.
Q-Ancient Spellbook
Attach the Spellbook to the Fun House
Q-Smiling Jack O'Lantern
Place 15 Jack O'Lanterns


For the first part of the quest, click on the Haunted Fun House to attach the Ancient Spellbook. This will take 12 hours to complete, and take the Ancient Spellbook from your Inventory.

For the second part of the quest, the cheapest Jack O'Lantern is the Smiling Jack O'Lantern, which costs 425 Silver Coins. It is possible to buy just one of these, place it, then store it. Repeat placing and storing it 15 times to complete the quest for the minimum cost.

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