Whenever you set one of your helpers to the task of harvesting crops or bushes, or building, you will see a timer over the item, with a red Speed Up button. If you click either the item, or the Speed Up button, you will be presented with the following options shown on the right.

Speed Up

Speed Up Options

You may either choose to use some Food to finish the current process, or use some of your Gold, or you may pause the process.

Spending Food or Gold (if you have enough) will result in the process being completed, freeing up your helper for other tasks. It is not possible to just reduce the timer with partial payments.

Pausing the process will stop the timer, freeing up your helper for other tasks. The item will have 'Paused' over it, and you can return to it at any time in the future to finish it off. When you return to a paused item, the timer will resume from where it was when you paused it.

Speed Up CostsEdit

Speed Up costs a different amount of food or gold, depending on the amount of time left on the timer.

Time Remaining Food Cost Gold Cost
0 - 30 Seconds 1 Icon Food 1 Icon Gold
30 - 60 Seconds 16 Icon Food 1 Icon Gold
1 - 2 Minutes 16 Icon Food 1 Icon Gold
2 - 5 Minutes 38 Icon Food 1 Icon Gold
5 - 10 Minutes 72 Icon Food 1 Icon Gold
10 - 20 Minutes 120 Icon Food 2 Icon Gold
20 - 30 Minutes 180 Icon Food 2 Icon Gold
30 - 45 Minutes 180 Icon Food 3 Icon Gold
45 - 60 Minutes 216 Icon Food 3 Icon Gold
1 - 2 Hours 360 Icon Food 5 Icon Gold
2 - 4 Hours 648 Icon Food 9 Icon Gold
4 - 8 Hours 1224 Icon Food 17 Icon Gold
8 - 16 Hours 2088 Icon Food 29 Icon Gold
16 - 32 Hours 3960 Icon Food 55 Icon Gold
32 - 48 Hours 6840 Icon Food 95 Icon Gold

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