Icon Q Training Ground
Royal Friends
Get some friends to help you run the tournament and then start it up.
Q-Training Ground
Finish Staffing the Tournament Grounds
Q-Training Ground
Start the Royal Tournament


Click on the Tournament Grounds to start staffing. You will need to hire ten neighbours for the following positions:

  • Usher
  • Royal Usher
  • Royal Box Inspector
  • Squire
  • Lordling
  • Lady in Waiting
  • Lord
  • Lady
  • High Lord
  • High Lady

Once you have staffed your Tournament Grounds, click on it to get the tournament started. This will require 10,000 Food and take 24 Hours to complete, or a further 3,960 Food if you wish to Speed Up the process.

Conversing with Royalty ← Previous Quest Current Quest Next Quest → Last Minute Needs

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