Lg Mrs Raccoon

Mrs. Raccoon


Roosevelt's Family are seen only briefly in the game, during the Briar Patch series of quests. They live inside the Briar Patch, and cannot transfer to your town. Once Roosevelt has been rescued, it is no longer possible to enter the Briar Patch, and therefore, Roosevelt's family also become inaccessible.

Lg Mr Raccoon

Mr. Raccoon

The FamilyEdit

Roosevelt's Mum and Dad look after Roosevelt and his little brother. Not much is known about them. Even their names are a mystery.

Roosevelt's Dad, Mr. Raccoon is intelligent and well dressed.

Roosevelt's Mum, Mrs. Raccoon is a young mother with a kind, patient attitude. She has piercing blue eyes and a penchant for pink.

Roosevelt's Brother is younger than Roosevelt, wears glasses like his Dad, and appears to be a geekishly clever young raccoon.

Char Roosevelt
Char Raccoon 1
Char Raccoon 2
Char Raccoon 3
Roosevelt Roosevelt's Brother Roosevelt's Mum Roosevelt's Dad

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