Lg Roosevelt Raccoon

Roosevelt Raccoon


Roosevelt is a helper that has been captured by the Evil Gnome, locked in a cage and poisoned. The cage was then hidden in a Briar Patch.

Roosevelt's family are searching the Briar Patch, and request help in the quest Rescuing Roosevelt.

Following several more quests, Roosevelt is rescued, cured of the poison, and agrees to join your town as a helper. His family remain in the Briar Patch, and become inaccessible.

Helping the FamilyEdit

Roosevelt's family are concerned about Roosevelt, so during the quests within the Briar Patch, they become temporary helpers. They will only help within the Briar Patch, and cannot be transferred to your town. Only Roosevelt will become a helper in your town, at the end of the Briar Patch quests.

Char Roosevelt Ill

Roosevelt poisoned

Roosevelt's TortureEdit

Roosevelt seems to have a rough deal at the hands of the Evil Gnome. Whereas other helpers are just caged, Roosevelt has been caged, poisoned and hidden in the Briar Patch.

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