Icon Q Raccoon
Reviving Roosevelt
Find Roosevelt medicinal mushrooms to cure his poison and magic cloth to bandage up his injuries.
Q-Medicinal Mushroom
Get Medicinal Mushroom (x5)
Q-Magic Cloth
Get Magic Cloth (x10)
Cure Roosevelt


Finding enough Medicinal Mushrooms will require about 20 Machetes, as each one will usually take 4 machetes to find.

Medicial Mushrooms can only be found inside the Briar Patch, and take 8 hours each to harvest.

Magic Cloth must be received as a gift from neighbours.

To complete the third part of the quest, you will need to click on the sick Roosevelt twice. The first time will administer the 5 Medicinal Mushrooms, and the second time will bandage him with the 10 Magic Cloth.

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