Icon Q Pumpkin
Pumpkin Carving
A neighbouring gnome wants to practice carving pumpkins for next October.
Harvest Pumpkins (x60)


Pumpkins cost 2,971 Silver Coins each, and take 48 hours to harvest, or 6,840 Food to Speed Up the process. 60 Pumpkins will therefore take 120 days for one helper to harvest, and cost a total of 178,260 Silver Coins to plant.

When they are ready to harvest, each pumpkin will return 6,649 Silver Coins, 2,585 Food and 517 XP. For all 60, this is a total return of 398,940 Silver Coins, 155,100 Food and 31,020 XP.

Allowing each pumpkin to be fully tended before harvesting will make a total profit of 220,680 Silver Coins.

A Food profit can only be achieved by using the Speed Up when there is 16 hours or less on the timer. Therefore, each pumpkin must be tended by a helper for at least 32 hours.

"I can't wait to see what he makes."

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