Icon Q Fortress Complete
Man the Ramparts!
Get your friends to man the ranparts, then make sure they've got enough food to do their job.
Man the Ramparts
Feed the Guards
Q-Saw Wood
Finish it Up


The first part of the quest requires 10 friends to staff the following positions: Guard (x4), Archer (x2), Watch Gnome (x2), Guard Captain and Gatekeeper.

The second part of the quest requires 25,000 Food, but completes as soon as you click on the Fortress.

The third part of the quest requires 75,000 Silver Coins and takes 24 hours to complete.

On completion of the quest, Botkin says: "I'm still free! The Evil Gnome can't take the sky from me. Now I have serenity! I'll never be scared again!"

Ending the QuestEdit

This is the final quest to build the Fortress, and upon it's completion, you will receive two letters, the first from the Gnome King, and the second from the Evil Gnome.

Fortress Letter 3
Fortress Letter 4
First Letter Second Letter
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