Machete Forge
Machete Forge


The Machete Forge is an item that allows you to create Machetes , using Polished Metal in your inventory. It is awarded following the Forging a Machete quest, which is currently not available to all players.

Constructing MachetesEdit

To construct a machete, you simply click on the Machete Forge. It takes 8 hours and 5 Polished Metal to construct one Machete.

Limited ItemEdit

The Machete Forge is a limited item. Not all players have the Machete Forge, as it is allocated to random players.

Known BugsEdit

Any Polished Metal that you have in your inventory at the time when you first place the Machete Forge, will not be counted. For example, if you have 12 Polished Metal in your inventory when you place the Machete Forge, then you will need a total of 32 Polished Metal in your inventory before you will be able to make a Machete.

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