Jack O'Lantern House
Jack O'Lantern House
Be careful of pumpkin eaters, they'll literally eat you out of this home.


The Jack O'Lantern House is a large pumpkin, carved into a Jack O'Lantern, and then converted into a house. They appeared on 12th October 2011 as part of the Halloween themed items that were released during the month. There was only a limited availability of about 10,000 items.


When you place a Jack O'Lantern House for the first time, it begins the Pumpkin Housing quest.


Framing takes 30 minutes and requires 10,000 Food.

Hammering the Jack O'Lantern House takes 4 hours and requires 15 Fireflies.

The Jack O'Lantern House has 10 staffing positions:

  • Seed Thrower
  • Candle Lighter
  • Apprentice Knife Holder
  • Knife Holder
  • Pulp Thrower
  • Junior Web Slinger
  • Web Slinger
  • Face Designer
  • Artisan Carver
  • Master Carver

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