Icon Q Scary Tombstone
Grave Digging
Snickers and Snackers think that a graveyard is a perfect addition to the haunted fun house. You'll also need some stone blocks for the foundation.
Q-Stone Blocks
Gather Stone Blocks to Finish the Foundation
Q-Scary Tombstone
Buy Ten Tombstones
Q-Haunted Fun House
Build the Fun House Foundation


The Haunted Fun House foundation requires 60 Stone Blocks for the first part of the quest.

It will take 8 hours (and the 60 stone blocks) to 'hammer' the foundation.

For the second part of the quest, you do not need to spend any Silver Coins. Placing gifted Foreboding Tombstones will count towards your total, and you can store them back in your inventory afterwards. It is therefore possible to complete this part of the quest by simply placing one tombstone ten times.

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