Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House


Starting with the Strangers in a Gnome Town quest, you are required to build a Gingerbread Mansion, so that Santa will have a place to visit the Gnomes. For this reason, he has sent two Elves, Sammy and Tad, to your town

Sammy, the Jolly Elf

. They are there to help Santa build the Gingerbread Mansion, but en-route to your town, lose everything but the foundation. You will need: Sugar, Firflies, and Matchetes.


Talk to both elves and then place the Gingerbread Mansion from your Inventory, which Tad gives you.

Talk to the other elf and learn that you need to find icing to start building it. Machete explore, took about 6
Use the icing (can't remember the build time but I believe they started at 4hrs and each build got longer up to 10hrs?)
Talk to the elf again and learn that you need even more icing. Machete explore, probably 6 again
Use the icing again same as above
Now one of your helpers decides a diving board would look great. Machete explore, 6 or so again
Use the diving board
Talk to the elf because now we need a pool for the diving board (teacup). Machete explore, 6 again
Use the teacup (that gets filled with hot cocoa)
This step might have been earlier, but now the elf tells us we need to decorate it with peppermint sticks. Machete explore, 6 again
Use the peppermint then you'll need 10 friends to staff it.

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