Gnome Fortress


The Fortress is a huge building that is built to fend off the advances of the Evil Gnome. It is built following a letter from the Evil Gnome, which scares Botkin. It can take several days to build the Fortress, although when it's complete, Botkin feels safe.


While building the fortress, you will need a large amount of supplies. Each stage can drastically drain your hard-earned resources, so you may wish to save up before starting on the quests. You will need:


The following quests must be completed in order to build the fortress:

Icon Q Fortress Lantern
Finding a Fortress
Search the forest for a Stone Lantern, and dig it up.
Icon Q Fortress Moat
Forty Fortifications
Place the foundations and dig a moat.
Icon Q Fortress Moat
Helmets Required
Build scaffolding around your structure.
Icon Q Fortress Tower
Towering Towers
Search for a Petrified Mushroom for a tower.
Icon Q Fortress Tower
Mushroom Towers
Harvest the Petrified Mushroom and attach to the Fortress.
Icon Q Fortress Tower
Multiple Mushrooms
Find, Harvest and Attach a second Petrified Mushroom to the Fortress.
Icon Q Fortress Tower
The Two Towers
Find, Harvest and Attach two more Petrified Mushrooms to the Fortress.
Icon Q Fortress Moat
Good Walls Make...
Collect Stone and build the Walls.
Icon Q Fortress Moat
Tail Gating
Find, Collect and Attach a Gate to the Fortress.
Icon Q Fortress Complete
Mucho Metal
Reinforce the Fortress with Metal.
Icon Q Fortress Complete
Nice and Shiny
Add lanterns, lit by fireflies.
Icon Q Fortress Complete
Man the Ramparts!
Staff the Fortress and remove the scaffolding.
Fortress Drawbridge

Fortress ready for collecting.

Daily CollectionEdit

Like any other building, the Fortress can be collected from daily. When it is ready to be collected from, the drawbridge will be raised, the lights in the nearest tower will go out, and it will say 'Ready for collecting' when the mouse pointer hovers over it. There is no other indication, unlike other buildings.

Collecting from the Fortress will reward you with 60 XP and 122 Food.

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