Icon Q Hanging Yellow Flag
Flags Galore
Get some streamers, flag lamps and hanging flags for the carnival.
Q-Festival Streamers
Place Three Festival Streamers
Q-Flag Lamp
Place Three Flag Lamps
Q-Hanging Red Flag
Place Six Hanging Flags


For the third part of the quest, any color Hanging Flag may be used.

Festival Streamers cost 1,125 Silver Coins each.

Flag Lamps cost 1,400 Silver Coins each.

Hanging Red Flags cost 1,200 Silver Coins each.

Hanging Blue Flags and Hanging Yellow Flags cost 1,475 Silver Coins each.

The minimum cost for completing this quest is therefore 3,725 Silver Coins, if each item is repeatedly stored and placed to complete each part.

"Now it's starting to look like a real carnival."
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