Quest Enchanted Forest Soiree
Enchanted Forest Soiree
Now that you have your garden, you should throw some parties. Win 25 parties with your new garden.
Quest Party
Win 25 Parties
Quest Journey
Win 10 Journeys
Quest Brawl
Win 10 Brawls


Enchanted Forest Soiree is a quest. To complete the quest, you must win a number of Gnomespeditions. Any Gnomespeditions that are lost, are not counted towards your total. Gnomespeditions that were won before starting the quest are counted towards the total.

This quest should be expected at about level 20.


The number of quests required does not match the count. The actual number of quests that are required to complete this are 56 Parties, 24 Journeys and 24 Brawls.

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