Creatures, like crops and bushes, provide a valuable income for your town. Each time you feed your creatures, you will receive silver and experience.


Name Image Cost Tend Every... XP Silver Unlock at...
Icon Snail
175 Icon Silver 00:02:00 2 Icon XP 5 Icon Silver
Icon Ladybug
325 Icon Silver 04:00:00 34 Icon XP 131 Icon Silver
Icon Caterpillar
750 Icon Silver 10:00:00 226 Icon XP 844 Icon Silver Level 14
Icon Mole
1325 Icon Silver 18:00:00 493 Icon XP 1794 Icon Silver Level 23
Hummingbird Hummingbird 1950 Icon Silver 12:00:00 299 Icon XP 1065 Icon Silver Level 31

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