Letter King's Visit

King's Letter


The Carnival is an event in your Gnome Town, which requires a lot of preparation. It therefore also describes the chain of quests during which you prepare for the Carnival by building a Carnival Pavilion.

The Carnival chain of quests begins with a letter from the Gnome King.


Preparing for the Carnival isn't cheap. You will need the following resources to complete all the quests.


The following quests must be completed in order to build the fortress:

Icon Q Carnival
Prepare for the Carnival
Clear a space and get some stone.
Icon Q Carnival
Start the Pavilion
Choose the location of your Carnival Pavilion
Icon Q Paving Stones
Paving Stones
Explore to find and collect four Paving Stones
Icon Q Plastic Pipe
Center Tent
Explore to find and collect a Plastic Pipe
Icon Q Tall Stick
The Four Corners
Explore to find and collect a Tall Stick
Icon Q Tall Stick
Look for Support Columns
Explore to find and collect 3 more Tall Sticks
Icon Q Tall Stick
Tent Structure
Attach the Tall Sticks
Icon Q Explore
Top It Off
Explore to find Discarded Fabric
Icon Q Discarded Fabric
Tailoring a Repair
Repair and Attach the Discarded Fabric
Icon Q Pink Wildflower
Wild Wild Flowers
Place Pink, Purple and White Wild Flowers.
Icon Q Red Ornament
Ornamental Garden
Place Orange, Red and Yellow Ornaments
Icon Q Red Yard Darts
Gaming Culture
Place several gaming decorations.
Icon Q Hanging Yellow Flag
Flags Galore
Place several flag decorations.
Icon Q Thread Spool Chair
Relaxation Techniques
Place several reclining decorations.
Icon Q Twisty Mat
Dancing Gnomes
Place several dance decorations.
Icon Q Fire Wood Rack
Keeping Warm
Place several fiery decorations.
Icon Q BBQ Grill
Lots of Food
Place several food decorations.
Icon Q Pinata Festival Table
Provide for the Many
Place several festival tables.
Icon Q Cotton Candy Machine
Need Something Sweet
Place a Cotton Candy Machine.
Icon Q Cotton Candy Machine
Cotton Candy Making
Make a piece of Cotton Candy.
Icon Q Cotton Candy Machine
More Cotton Candy
Make four pieces of Cotton Candy.
Icon Q Carnival
Bring in the Tables
Chop Magic Mushrooms and continue building.
Icon Q Polished Metal
Table Setting
Use 30 Polished Metal to make Silverware.
Icon Q Firefly
Lanterns Galore
Use 30 Fireflies to light lanterns.
Icon Q Carnival
Start the Carnival
Staff the Carnival Pavilion and start the party.

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