Bushes are ways to earn silver and food. Unlike crops, bushes remain after they have been harvested, and can be re-harvested again and again.


Name Image Cost Harvest every... XP Silver Food Unlock at...
Strawberry Bush
Strawberry Bush
75 Icon Silver Harvest: 00:01:00
Wait: 00:00:30
Total: 00:01:30
1 Icon XP 3 Icon Silver 1 Icon Food Level 2
Cherry Tomato
Cherry Tomato
300 Icon Silver Harvest: 12:00:00
Wait: 00:30:00
Total: 12:30:00
223 Icon XP 1430 Icon Silver 744 Icon Food Level 8
375 Icon Silver Harvest: 24:00:00
Wait: 04:00:00
Total: 28:00:00
399 Icon XP 2534 Icon Silver 1330 Icon Food Level 10
Icon Kumquat
850 Icon Silver Harvest: 00:08:00 197 Icon XP 1202 Icon Silver 655 Icon Food Level 20
Cashew Cashew 1350 Icon Silver Harvest: 18:00:00
Wait: 04:00:00
Total: 22:00:00
453 Icon XP 2701 Icon Silver 1508 Icon Food Level 29

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