Icon Q Carnival
Bring in the Tables
Check the progress of the pavilion then build the tables. You'll need to chop down some magic mushrooms as well.
Check Pavilion Progress by Clicking on It
Q-Magic Mushroom
Chop 15 Magic Mushrooms
Setup Pavilion Tables by Clicking on the Pavilion


The first part of the quest requires that you simply click on the Carnival Pavilion. Botkin will say to you:

"The food and tables look great! We've been busy here, but we're now ready to start the next step."

The second part of the quest requires that you chop down 15 Magic Mushrooms. Each of these will take 1 hour to harvest.

Just click the Pavilion again to complete the third part of the quest. This will require 20,000 Wood and take 8 hours to complete.

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