Brawl Large


A Brawl is a type of battle in the Gnomespedition. To increase your brawl level you will need to have decorations like the flower pots and buildings like the Tavern and other items in the "brawl" Section of the decoration area of the Market. The higher your brawl score is, the more likely you will win Brawl Gnomespeditions.


The following decorations should be used to increase your Brawl score.

Name Image Cost XP Points Unlock at...
125 Icon Silver 10 Icon XP 1 Icon Brawl Level 1
250 Icon Silver 21 Icon XP 1 Icon Brawl Level 4
Rack of Armor
Rack of Armor
375 Icon Silver 32 Icon XP 1 Icon Brawl Level 7
650 Icon Silver 57 Icon XP 2 Icon Brawl Level 12
Picket Fence
Icon Picket Fence
925 Icon Silver 83 Icon XP 3 Icon Brawl Level 17
Street Lamp
Icon Street Lamp
1125 Icon Silver 102 Icon XP 3 Icon Brawl Level 20
Stone Fence
Icon Stone Fence
1275 Icon Silver 116 Icon XP 4 Icon Brawl Level 22
Fire Wood Rack
Icon Fire Wood Rack
1325 Icon Silver 121 Icon XP 4 Icon Brawl Level 23
Beware! Icon Beware! 1475 Icon Silver 136 Icon XP 5 Icon Brawl Level 25
Acorn Cannon Acorn Cannon 2300 Icon Silver 217 Icon XP 9 Icon Brawl Level 35
Catapult Catapult 2650 Icon Silver

252 Icon XP

11 Icon Brawl Level 39


The following buildings should be used to increase your Brawl score.

Name Image Cost Staffing Stock in... XP Points Unlock at...
Tool Shed
Tool Shed Icon
975 Icon Silver 6 Friends 24:00:00 17 Icon XP 34 Icon Brawl Level 7
Gnome Home
Gnome Home Icon
2500 Icon Silver 8 Friends 24:00:00 45 Icon XP 39 Icon Brawl Level 18
Trader Gnome's Icon Trader Gnome 4625 Icon Silver 8 Friends 103 Icon XP 101 Icon Brawl Level 30
Watch Tower Watch Tower 6350 Icon Silver 10 Friends 120 Icon XP 149 Icon Brawl Level 38


The following Special Items can be bought, using gold, to boost your Brawl score. They will generally give you far more Brawl points than normal buildings or decorations.

Name Image Type Cost XP Points
Gym Icon
Building 79 Icon Gold 1422 Icon XP 240 Icon Brawl
Guardian Statue Icon Guardian Statue Decoration 69 Icon Gold 1129 Icon XP 210 Icon Brawl
Jelly Bean Toss Icon Jelly Bean Toss Decoration 49 Icon Gold 802 Icon XP 148 Icon Brawl